August 18, 2008

More Spore Videos

Filed under: Games — Doug @ 1:24 pm

Looking for spore content again over lunch, I came across some nice video’s that I hadn’t seen before, from SporeMasterRob on YouTube.  There are very nice versions of the E3 demo in four parts:

He has a handful of other videos.  I haven’t watched them all yet, but based on the first four minutes of the first video, they are well worth watching.

Only 19 days left until the game ships here in the U.S. (according to SporeWiki).

Domain-Driven Design Sample Code/Projects

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Ben Scheirman has a series of articles on developing an NHibernate application using domain-driven design:

The source code for the book .NET Domain-Driven Design with C#: Problem-Design-Solution is available online at CodePlex.

An article titled Attribute-flavored Domain Driven Design at includes the source code for a naked objects-like implementation of a domain model.  A fairly bare-bones implementation like this might be an interesting place to start building my own GUI.

David Hayden talks a bit about using the Active Record pattern in DDD in his Domain-Driven Design Using Active Record in .NET article.  He also talks about application layering in Domain-Driven Design – Layered Applications, which refers to some sample code for a shopping cart.

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